Leitmotif Content Studio




Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Jonathan Meur and this is my creative content studio. In the past decade, I have worked extensively in design and editorial content generation as well as events, with a keen desire to take on both project management and production duties. Through Leitmotif, I aim to be a dependable creative partner to my clients and I work with them to craft solutions that build strong brand identities and reach the right target audiences.

I am addicted to the creative process and to the idea of going from nothing to something. In my work here at this one-man shop, I do that by identifying the issues or challenges at hand, exploring a range of solutions, refining and delivering a final product, all for the benefit of clients of all sizes, in all kinds of sectors, at different stages of their development. 

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Oh. And since this studio is a one-man studio, here's my resume in case you wanted to take a look at it.