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Striking colours, bold shapes, thoughtful lettering... design is everywhere, telling as much of the story as words do. Leitmotif helps you explore the possibilities and build your visual identity through a host of design solutions.

Logo / Branding guidelines / Brochure / Flyer / Pull-up banner / Business card / Annual report / Directory / Layout / Illustration / Infographics / Ad / Menu / Event / Packaging.

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Leitmotif assumes writing, editing, proofreading or translation duties to provide you with crisp copy that speaks to your audiences. Whether through entertaining lifestyle articles, informative website copy or attention-grabbing press releases, the studio makes every word count. 

Jonathan of Leitmotif is a two-time award recipient of the Media Publishers Association of Singapore. He was Features Editor for ASIAN Geographic JUNIOR, which was named Best New Magazine in 2010. He was Contributing Editor for ASIAN Geographic PASSPORT's Uncensored Edition, which was named Special Edition of the Year in 2011.

Website copy / Social media posts / Lifestyle articles / PR materials / Promo / Marketing materials

* All editorial services in English only and translation from French to English only. 

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For your podcasts, vlogs and other audiovisual projects, Leitmotif creates music tailored to your subject matter, tone of voice and overall vibe. These range from classical/soundtrack-style pieces to upbeat pop tunes, discreet background music, and more.

Composition / Arrangements / Production / Scoring

* Music produced using software, usually no instruments used (except for vocals).

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The common thread that runs through Leitmotif's solutions is proactive project management. We strive to be a reliable business partner that always delivers high-quality work on time and extends a helping hand when you need it. We care about your goals, and your success is our success. 

Setting timelines and deadlines / Liaising with suppliers and partners / Coordinating the project team's actions / Managing dependencies / Budgeting / Exploring contingency plans / Organising actual execution / D-day / Handling post-project follow-ups